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The Long Brief logo design and development

The Long Brief logo design and development

4 months
Figma, Photoshop
3 co-workers involved
logo design, WordPress development
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For Long Brief, we first designed a logo and identity that is simple yet reflects the mission of the site. Once the identity and logo were designed, we created a simple, clean website in WordPress that matched the logo and Long Brief's brand.

Although not involved in the news competition, Long Brief provides its readers with insights on burning issues in international politics. Publishing in-depth, diverse but objective analyses of the most important and significant developments in the European Union and the transatlantic region, the site features academic articles, commentaries and opinion pieces. What is unique about the Long Brief news portal is that some of the featured articles are only available to readers after purchase, and to achieve this we have integrated a pay per post module into the site, in addition to Barion and PayPal payment options.

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