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Online credit card payment

About online credit card payment

Credit card payments are still popular, but online payments also play a significant role, and contrary to old beliefs, they are completely safe and reliable. Our company is affiliated with numerous providers, such as Revolut, Paypal, Stripe, Paylike, Barion, Zen, Borgun, or SimplePay. We recommend the implementation of online payment systems for any individual service or web store.

The advantages of online payments

This function makes the shopping process for the users as simple and convenient as possible. They do not have to start a separate transfer; they can handle the transaction flexibly and in a matter of seconds on the webpage or redirected to a payment page. It eliminates the danger, that they would accidentally mistype some data, such as the account number, and the inconveniences it could cause.

The retailers will only get data related to the customer, the purchase, and the products/services; only the online payment service provider will receive the credit card data, which provides maximum security for the customer.

The retailer will receive the payment mostly immediately; they do not have to wait for days or exchange letters with the customers about the due date of payment. All this means that online credit card payment is a simple and convenient solution for both the entrepreneur and their customers.


Capture payment

The essence of a capture payment is that a larger amount is captured and then later released. A classic example of this is car rental providers who hold back a larger amount as collateral until the car is returned.

Token payment

In the case of token payment, we have the option to deduct money from the customer's card later without any special permission. Classically, subscription service systems are like this.

One-time payment

One-time payment is used by standard online stores. This is the classic, traditional payment model, when we have the opportunity to pay after entering the card details, but no one will have access to it afterward.

The payment process

The customer assembles a basket of products that meet their needs in the webstore, they provide the information needed for delivery and then selects credit card payment as the payment method. Then they will be redirected to a payment page, where the card details (name, card number, expiry date, 3-digit CVC or CVV validation code) must be provided on the interface of the payment service. This will be followed by an online authorization request to accept the card. If this is successful, the transaction will take place. Finally, the system redirects the customer back to the webstore, where they will be notified about the success of the transaction - both on the store’s interface and by email.


Whichever service provider you choose, online card payments are guaranteed to be completely secure, and thanks to the use of the latest technology, your card information is protected to the maximum extent. Different service providers use different solutions to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing customer information.

Accepted cards

In the case of online credit card payment, we have the opportunity to use different types of cards. These include VISA embossed cards, VISA Electron cards (depending on the decision of the bank, that issued the card), V PAY cards (depending on the decision of the bank, that issued the card), MasterCard embossed cards, MasterCard Electronic cards (depending on the decision of the bank, that issued the card), Maestro cards (depending on the decision of the bank, that issued the card) and cards issued exclusively for online payments..

Most providers accept Apple Pay, Google Pay payment solutions, as well as less common cards, mostly used outside of Europe, such as American Express, Diners Club, or JCB.

Online payment consultation

We provide consulting services to help our partners decide between card payment service providers and fintech solutions. The price difference between services can be three or four times bigger, so careful selection is very important. We can help our partners through an online consultation.


In recent years, we have integrated online card payment solutions for countless companies. Be it in a webshop or an integrated application. You can easily multiply your revenue if you provide your customers a fast, easy and convinient way for their payments.

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