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Sending mass mail

Sending mass mails by post

Postal letters still have a part in our everyday life, since if someone wants to be sure their letter will be received, they post it in the PO. Why not use postal mail for marketing purposes? After all, who would not open a letter received in the mailbox?

Effective campaign management

With our help, you can conveniently run a mass mailing campaign without even having to go to the post office. All you have to do is sending us the content and the recipients in a list, and all of them can receive a postal letter with their own name.

Multi-page letter

You can choose between a colored or black-and-white letter, and a one- or even a multi-page message. You can send an invitation by mail or even a short catalog.

High conversion

In the case of B2B sales, we can achieve high efficiency and high conversion by sending mail. In this case, marketing noise is low, and a postal mail like these can be easily personalized. 

Sending mass email

Businesses shall continue to use email marketing campaigns when it comes to mass communication with customers. As more and more customers shop online, there is an even greater need for digital commitment and networking, and email marketing is a great way to do that. By combining personalization and automation, you can create a strategy that truly reaches your customers while increasing your return on investment. Those who subscribe to your mailing list will increase the organic turnover to your site.

Dedicated email sending server

If you want to send mail on an industrial scale, you should choose our bulk email service. We install an SMTP server for you individually, guaranteeing that you can send even hundred thousands mails a day - all without going into SPAM folder or charges would appear per mails.

Arranging a campaign

If you don't want to bother with texting, image editing and graphic work related to your campaigns, you can entrust this to our team.

List cleaning service

If you own a large address list, we recommend our bulk email verification service, which effectively cleans your email database of non-existent addresses.

Sending mass message

Research shows that more than 95% of SMS messages are opened by the recipients, as opposed to all other mass-sent messages.

Faster and more efficient

The effectiveness of SMS marketing is proven by the fact that almost everyone (whether older or younger) already has a mobile phone. Moreover, most use a smartphone, so we can even add links in our messages.

Instant access

The great advantage of SMS is that the recipients reach it immediately. Most recipients will open and read it within 1 hour of sending. It is also a big advantage that there is no SPAM filtering for SMS as for emails.

Accurately measurable result

While it is possible to disable tracking for emails and measure exactly how many people have opened them, for an SMS campaign, service providers provide accurate feedback on whether the SMS has been delivered or is waiting to be delivered.