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About webshops

The importance of webshops

In the past year, there has been a great emphasis on webshops, because of the covid restrictions people turned to online shopping more, and this enthusiasm does not seem to change in the near future. In a web store, we can sell products and services, but their good quality is not enough anymore, because the user will see the web store first, so it is very important how it will affect him or her, what their first impression is, what the user experience is like.

Webshop operating

As a maintainer, we have to keep our visitors’ data safe and comply with the regulations, which gets more and more complicated with the increased data traffic caused by regular shopping and registrations. Rental webshops are built based on templates, and because they are becoming increasingly widespread, eventually problems and security holes will be found in them, and they can be taken advantage of. Opposed to these, with unique solutions, it is impossible to come across these security problems. If an accidental problem is found, the developers can fix and update it immediately.

Besides this, there is a continuous development aid, thanks to this the web store can develop together with our company. Even with the addition of new functions, discounts, or changes in the internal software, it will remain flexible, and it offers a quick fix to incidental problems.

The advantages of a personalized webshop

If the webshop is made to fit our expectations, then we can build in a limitless number of functions, and we have a lot more development opportunities. This way we will have a web store that was built 100% based on our goals and necessary processes, it does not contain any unnecessary functions, only those that we actually need.

This personalized webshop can be linked with our CRM system, this way we can decrease the time costs and expenses that can occur during administration. It can be linked to the billing system and the internal system of the supplier as well, so the workflow can be a lot quicker and more flexible.

Unfortunately, with rental webshops, it can happen that the system will break down because of the increased traffic (for example because of huge sales), and it cannot serve the users. Because of this, we can lose potential customers, and it is a tremendous job to rebuild our status and to gain back the trust of our customers. Compared to this personalized web stores can manage big traffic and load well, in most cases the webshop will not even slow down.

Thanks to the personalized, user-friendly admin interface, opportunities will open up to us in the manageability area as well, like mass product upload, arbitrary description, and picture design. This interface, compared to rented web stores, can easily be used and learned, it is transparent and any unique idea can be implemented.

Why choose WebOrigo?

We can see many good and just as many bad webshops, that can ruin the user experience and satisfaction. If you want a professional, nice, and uniquely developed webshop please do not hesitate to contact us. The most important for us is to develop unique solutions together with our client, which will help the business to grow.

Our advantage is, that opposed to other webshop developers and administrators, that we work with a completely customized system. With our team, you will not be working with a rental webshop that is barely customizable and can hardly be updated with unique functions, but a personalized one that will materialize your visions. You can follow the development of the webshop from beginning to end, and you can always update it with new ideas, and observations. Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee, that we will come up with ideas thanks to which the project will excel and it will be a success.

Steps of webshop development



In each case, our team will prepare documentation, which summarizes the functionalities and needs of the webshop.


Preparing the Wireframe

After the plans are ready, we will prepare the wireframe that contains the exact skeleton of the pages. Moreover, we prepare a page map, this way we will be able to see what kind of pages will make up the webshop and how they will be linked.


Design plan

After the wireframe has been prepared, our graphic designers will put together the design of the webshop. This design will be completed during development.


Frontend development

After the design is finished, we will prepare the static frame of the webshop, technically the front-end. This is a clickable frame, but it does not contain functions just yet. We will link the functions into this.


Backend development

After the front-end development is finished, and the animations, buttons, design, and the position of the visual elements have been accepted, the next step is linking the functions, like the forms and dynamic elements.


Testing, delivery

Finally, the page goes through developer and client tests. After successfully completing these and fixing any problems, we will deliver the page, and operations or the warranty period can start.

Applied technologies

Responsive web design

Today it is very important that our web store can be viewed in an optimal form on all devices – mobile phones, tablets, or computers - they need to be easily readable and we need to be able to easily navigate on them. Under responsive design, we use flexible elements, with the help of which we can make user-friendly, transparent, and functional pages.

Our company can help not only with the development but with the design as well, so your website will look nice and will be readable on whatever device the user visits it from.

What kind of programming languages do we use for our webshops?

For the front-end development of the webshops, we use the most modern languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the Vue based on the complexity of the project.

During backend development we mostly use PHP, but we have used many other languages during our previous projects. Such as Node.js, or Laravel. From database servers, both MySQL and MongoDB are popular in our projects.

We have previously developed specifically for Cloud platforms as well, at projects where load performance was of primary importance.

Applied technologies


In recent years, we have created more than 50 webshops. These include small stores with a few products, as well as large and complex systems.

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