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What we offer as blockchain development?

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a database in which information is not stored on a centralized network — so not on a central server — but on a distributed network. The information is downloaded to computers which are running on distributed network nodes. Its operation is ensured by a pre-written, unalterable, non-corrupt, tamper-proof software. If there is a change in the database, the software that is running on all the computers on the network investigates it, and then updates its database accordingly.

Thus, the blockchain is a consensual, distributed, digital ledger that is completely transparent, visible to all participants, and cannot be changed afterwards. It is recommended to use in areas where transparency, credibility and reliability are paramount - such as the banking sector, shipping or supply chains.

What is this technology good for?

Blockchain technology solves one of the biggest problems of organizations, which is the secure management of information shared across networks. Using blockchain has significant benefits for financial services that look for secure payment protocols, official bodies that handle citizens' data, or even businesses that want to increase the transparency of supply chains.

Since data is shared in the blockchain – they are often distributed across thousands of computers and devices - the occurrence of a technical error or a problem caused by a malicious attack is greatly reduced. As any network endpoint can generate the database, if any part of the entire system is damaged, it will not crash.

Once more data is added to the blockchain, it becomes extremely difficult to change it afterwards. As a result, the information that can be found on the blockchain is completely authentic, we can completely trust its originality.

In the process of the operation of the blockchain, the contributing IT endpoints provide the technical background and they perform the authentication of the transactions, afterwards by using the system there is no need for an intermediate intermediary.

Blockchain at WebOrigo

Our company's extensive services also include the development of a special token, which makes it possible to specify the name of the issuable token , its ticker (a name that is easy to remember with 3-4 characters), the maximum amount that is available (this can be fixed in advance or changed later), and the maximum number of decimal places.

Our tokens and smart contracts are using the ERC-20 blockchain, but we can program and develop others if those are in need (eg: EOS, Tezos, ERC-721).

With unique name and logo, also with access to listing to the databases of the biggest providers, such as Binance DEX, or MyEtherWallet. Furthermore we can programme / develop smart contracts in Solidity and to publish them. With the blockchain technology you can level up your business.

Beyond the blockchain

Our company’s wide range of services also includes the integration of cryptocurrency exchanges, price aggregation and automatic trading.

We are at your service to do API developments in which we develop automated trading algorithms and automated currency exchange services for available cryptocurrency exchanges.

This service is also available for foreign exchange trading by extending the cryptocurrencies, so we can also develop MQL4 and MQL5 language forex trading systems.

If you are planning a ’big data analysis’, our colleagues are also available for data analysis and data forecasting in the R programming language.


In recent years, we have been involved in smart contract developments, token developments, cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency licensing, review and licensing, and the development of forex trading algorithms and automated cryptocurrency trading systems.

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