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Hardware integration

A common demand from our customers is to connect some kind of hardware on a cloud basis in real time to a software. It can be a software developed by us, an external system, an own-produced hardware or an external one: in each case, the request is to implement the communication between them, as this way we can make the processes more automated.

We are at your service to advise you on issues in connection with hardwares and with their integration. In recent years, we have connected an external provider-supplied API to many of our custom-developed systems.

Feasible communication channels
Automatic door opening
GSM based data connection
QR code reader
Barcode reader
Entry gate

Case study

One of our clients’ duty is cleaning grain silos. The challenge in this project was the location of these grain silos since they are located far away from populated areas, and there the internet connectivity is poor and sometimes unavailable. Thus, we were able to achieve the fastest communication with silos on a GSM basis. We developed a target hardware that could be used to remotely control the silo cleaning processes via SMS, so they were able to control the circuit that starts and stops the processes, remotely at any time.

One of our favorite projects was the implementation of a simulator room. The owner has dreamed of an entertaining room in a shopping mall where the members can enter without maintaining a reception. In order to carry out the plan, we provided a booking system and an automatic door opening integration, afterwards the user who had a valid reservation only had to press the open button in the application thus the door was just opened and the user found himself in the room.

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