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Mass email verification

About mass email verification

If we choose automated verification, we don’t have to invest money, time, resources, and energy unnecessarily in the workflow that will not pay off anyway. It can be avoidable that the contents are sent to email addresses that are non-existent, or the email stuck somewhere where even third parties can access. That’s why it’s extremely important that we check our customers ’information - either once or on a schedule - to make sure they are getting the message we are intended for them.

During the verification, we will receive detailed feedback on where our email would get stuck. Thanks to this, we can correct the errors, and we can also download the result to an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet-based list.

In case you are sending a personal or confidential message, it is strongly recommended to verify the authenticity of the recipient. This is because jammed messages can be obtained by an unwanted person who can misuse them.

Why is mass email checking good?

Do not waste resources unnecessarily on what you do not need. By the help of our system you can verify whether the email addresses in your database are correct. Choose the package that suits you the most and you can start the verification. Afterwards, we will top up your audit balance, which you can use even later.

We provide you the opportunity to test the system; enter your details in the contact form below, and we will create an account for you to verify 100 email addresses. Of course, this does not involve any payment obligation.

If you do not find any of the packages suitable and you have greater demands, we will be at your service to give you a special offer. Please contact us or fill up the form below.