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Development of reservation management systems

RMS – Reservation Management System

What is RMS?

RMS (Reservation Management System) is a system that handles incoming reservations so they can be easily recorded, retrieved or modified.

For who we recommend to use the reservation management system?

In general, reservation management systems are used in the areas of transportation, hospitality, facilities, and various events, but actually all those businesses that need to handle reservations can have benefits by introducing RMS. Not to mention, with increased turnovers and number of customers, order handling can become extremely problematic and the likelihood of the numbers of mistakes caused by people can be multiplied, all of these can lead to reduced efficiency and profits.

Functions of RMS systems

Reservation calendar

The main purpose of the reservation management system is to digitize reservations into an easy-to-use reservation calendar. Reservation is facilitated by a lot of automated processes - such as sending an automatic timestamp, notifications - so you can save a lot of time and energy by using a system like this.

Users have the opportunity to book an appointment online, which means a lot more potential customers for us, as it is a more convenient, faster solution than making a reservation over the phone or in person.

Reservations are easy to review, and if we have the right, we can easily modify them without facing any complications.

Moreover, as an operator of a well-structured reservation management system, you can change the available dates, view the details of the reservations, and you can easily change various parameters (such as price, type, or the maximum number of people who can make a reservation) without having a high IT knowledge.

Integration of entry system

If you are working with a reservation management system, you can also integrate an entry system at any time. For example, we have the option to attach additional IDs to the purchased key cards, thereby the QR or barcode system used at the entry systems will work properly.

Two-way communication

Marketing modules can also be integrated into a custom reservation management system to provide numerous pieces of information to the management. The user can get a personalized experience, receive leaflets about discounts and the system can also record their personal data, thereby the administration can be much easier.

Statistics, statements

By using a reservation management system, we can collect a wealth of data about users and their purchases and we can make various calculations from them. As a result, we can have that kind of statistics and statements that accurately reflect the company's performance and highlight the possible mistakes, to the area of the company we need to pay more attention to.


It is important to know that during the development, we set up a reservation management system that is completely individual, customized to your needs, and thus includes only the features that your business really needs.


The reservation management system can be connected to any invoicing system, so you do not have to care about paperwork anymore, as the invoice is issued automatically after the sale happened, and it can be sent to the customer primarily by e-mail, but even on paper.

In addition, we have the ability to record each sale in our database so they can be retrieved anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the data backup, we can also generate various statistics and statements, and these can present better our company's results.

Usage examples

Entry gate integration

A good example can be the introduction of an online reservation system for a physical facility. In this way, bookings received by phone and e-mail can be recorded into the cloud-based system immediately, and those people who are interested can see the available dates immediately.

The entry gates and the computers of our reception colleagues can be integrated into this system, so only one online system will be able to serve all the reservation process at the facility.

Club room system

We have already implemented club room ideas. The main thing of these systems is that you can enter the club room without human intervention, with online booking and online door opening. The reservation management system manages the free and busy periods, and even the consumptions.

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