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WebOrigo’s legal predecessor was created in 1994 to create computer graphics and web pages and to cut audio files.

According to our activity, we have been dealing exclusively with computer programming since 2015, within which we have defined four main areas: marketing automation software, custom corporate governance systems, stock exchange and financial software (mainly cryptocurrency trading and online credit card payment), and development of operating services and related hardware integration solutions.

What these four activities have in common is online automation, as they are all based on some sort of cloud-based technology.

In 2020, we reorganized our company; WebOrigo Eesti OÜ in Estonia and WebOrigo Magyarország Zrt. In Hungary were established, therefore the WebOrigo Group has been created. The WebOrigo UK LLP from the UK joined the group in 2021. In February 2022 WebOrigo Montenegro D.O.O. was founded to enhance our presence at the sunny European Balkans.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with transparent, well-designed and easy-to-operate systems. We do our best to make our systems and work sustainable, and to be a responsible company that meets industry requirements and standards.