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Comprehensive software development
from planning to maintenance

We make businesses more efficient, secure, and sustainable with our cloud-based solutions.

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We are proud to say that we serve more than 1000 companies worldwide.

Who are we?

WebOrigo is an international software developement company that develops solutions in 4 different segments of cloud automation and has sales partners or subsidiaries in 12 different countries in Europe.

We deal with the development of individual, primarily corporate governance systems. Our profile includes the development of education systems, warehouse management systems and document management systems. In addition, we are involved in website development, web store development and the development of related mobile applications, all of which are based on cloud-based communication and data storage.

Our company is located and managed in Hungary, but our employees work in Europe, Africa and Asia, from more than 10 countries, day by day to develop our systems.

1000+ customers worldwide
100+ managed dedicated servers
different nationalities

What are we doing?

Marketing services

We have worked together with numerous marketing agencies in the last few years, thus we have developed a few effective, conversion-enhancing and customer acquisition systems, so as managing social media or just online marketing campaigns.

We also offer efficient solutions for sending mass messages such as postal letters, e-mails, SMS. Have an effective, automated marketing campaign!

Corporate management

In the 21st century, it would be highly important that every business has a corporate governance system with an online data connection. Since this saves not only energy and time, but also a significant amount of money. Implementing a corporate governance system can not only reduce labor costs, but is also an effective solution against reducing abuses.

Whether it’s a booking management, customer management, inventory management or document management system, or a corporate education portal, our consultants are ready to offer you the best solution.

Custom Software Development

There are situations where a box solution is not enough or just does not even exist yet. This is when our unique software development service makes sense.

Over the years, we have encountered a number of situations for which only a custom-developed software has provided an appropriate solution. Whether it is a simple corporate website, a complex web store, or just a mobile application, we are able to develop it efficiently.

Operating services

For a complex system, a reliable partner that is able to operate continuously, without interruption is essential.

Our qualified team provides continuous troubleshooting, maintenance of the error reporting line, and backup service. In connection with these, we can provide continuous improvement and system upgrades for our customers, with up to 7/24 availability.

Our Clients

In addition to small businesses, midsize businesses, and multinational companies, our clients also include institutions. We are proud that our solutions are represented by several reseller partners and delivered to our customers worldwide.

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