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Automated marketing softwares

Our main area is also the automation of online marketing. We develop systems that can be rented on a monthly basis, with the help of which our partners can use services such as gaining followers automatically or writing content automatically on social media sites. We are also developing an intelligent bargaining robot that allows online store owners to provide bargaining opportunities in an automated and secure manner.

With the help of our InstaBot software, your Instagram profile will prosper, thus providing greater access to its content and gaining new followers and customers.

Our Dealbot solution is a robot that can be integrated into online stores, allowing customers to bargain for the items they would like to purchase without having to make personal contact with the online store's customer service.

With our Massivemail software you can verify email addresses so that in the newsletter the database is real.

Automated corporate managing systems

Automated corporate managing systems: Our cloud-based, custom-developed ERP systems are ideal for businesses with revenue between EUR 0,1-2 million and form a bridge between the Excel spreadsheet and SAP. We primarily serve unique needs that no other pre-existing ERP can handle because the need is rahter special. These are the types of corporate managing tasks that we have successfully completed in recent years:

With our generic ERP solutions, you can minimize the time spent on corporate managing administration work and automate it, so that it can be retrieved at any time.

We develop and sell automatic invoicing, as a separate product for individual systems and online stores, whether it is a paper-based or electronic invoice. We can connect to any billing program with an API connection.

Our delivery note creation program is designed for the Billingo invoicing program, with the help of which we can generate the delivery note for the invoice with only one click.

We provide integration with price comparison sites for any online store system with automatic data updating.

Automated trading

In the field of both cryptocurrency and forex trading, as well as online bank payments, we develop automated bidding systems that execute orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These systems complement the functionality of stock exchanges and provide the ability to close, re-evaluate, and change stop levels for a position in as little as a hundredth of a second. With online credit card payment, we can implement not only one-time transactions, but also payment by reservation (for example, for car rental) and return payment (for a monthly fee service).

MQL-based Expert Advisor development: we have many years of trading and development experience in the field of custom indicators and export advisors that can be placed under the MetaTrader software. We can automate, further develop and test your existing forex strategy based on data history.

Cryptocurrency Trading Systems: We develop trading systems that allow us to make automated bids on any cryptocurrency exchange with an API connection, 24 hours a day.

We introduce online credit card payment for any custom software or online store, whether it’s booking, refund, or one-time payment.

We provide our customers with online credit card advice on the offers and requirements of various credit card payment service providers so they can choose a service provider responsibly.

Automated industrial solutions

We are developing systems that can be used for remote control on a GSM or Internet basis. Our systems are able to start, stop and issue commands to remote machines by pressing a button or sending an SMS, which can be either a locking device or a complex line of machines. These are some of our previous projects:

Remote lock control: we provide the possibility to open and close smart locks from our own or another application developed by someone else, to indicate their charge level, and to manage them completely.

GSM-based industrial light switch control: we are developing a unique solution for mills that can be used for controlling the cleaning equipment of silos automatically and remotely. Built-in sensors in our GSM module provide contact and closure protection.

Browser-based encrypted remote connection: under the brand name letlink.me, we can provide a graphical interface for remote, virtual, Debian-based computers.

Our Reseller Partners

We are proud of our reseller partners whom we work with to develop cloud-based automation services of the future. Some companies that have already sold our marketing automation services:

Our self-developed Softwares

We have a number of proprietary software solutions to each automation challenge. Be it remote access, automatic delivery note creation or just automated tracking.

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