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Media purchasing, campaign management

Marketing campaigns

Campaign management is a set of carefully planned and implemented activities that aim to achieve beneficial business goals. Online or offline marketing campaigns transform a company’s goals into achievable goals that meet customer needs and can be implemented step by step. They help build brand-trust.

Social media marketing campaigns are designed to draw the attention of a company’s potential customers to existing social media platforms. This is accomplished by creating content that is specific to these users so they can click through, read, and become customers later.

Media Buying

The essence of our media buying service is to undertake the accounting of advertisements, the operation of your billing accounts, and even to pre-finance the advertisement up to the contracted amount. The great advantage of this is that you do not have to collect all the invoices each month or pay them individually, as our company does it instead of you. You can settle all the upcoming costs that have incurred during the campaign management with a single invoice with Hungarian VAT.

Campaign management

We can reach the users through ads, by using our marketing campaigns. We have already run several online marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin and TikTok.

There are several sites, such as TikTok, where only contracted partners are allowed to post ads. We can also ensure this, as we also have access to these closed sites through our partners.

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