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Subcontractors, Resellers

We consider it highly important to expand our network and to cooperate with our reseller partners in a friendly atmosphere.

Become our reseller partner

The vast majority of our services reach end users through reseller partners. We mostly work with marketing agencies who, in addition to selling our marketing automation software, entrust us with website operation tasks and the development of custom systems.

We have already worked with the following agencies

We are looking for resellers to the following locations

LMS Sales representative

Part Time
Hungarian, English
Budapest, HU

Regional Sales Director - Baltic region (EE, LT, LV)

Part Time
English, Estonian
Tallinn, EE

Regional Sales Director - Hungary

Full Time
Hungarian, English
Budapest, HU

Why is it worth being our partner?

WebOrigo is committed to providing its partners with a unique and comprehensive solution to every problem. Thanks to our wide product range and supplier network, we can fulfill any web-based, cloud-based needs, so you can count on us from sub-projects to general implementation.

We develop our systems individually, trying to minimize dependencies on third parties so that we can have a clear understanding to the smallest details of everything we sell and take responsibility for it. That’s why, as a software development company, you can count on us to operate, survey, and secure any custom-developed or open source CMS system.

We work for the satisfaction of our customers

We are committed to providing the best dedicated service to our partners and customers. There is no better proof of this than our more than 1,000 previous customers and the millions of end users served through them.

We have an extensive network of subcontractors

Over the years, we have gained insight into all areas of online automation and gained in-depth knowledge. In the areas where we are not the best, our contracted subcontractor provides the service, thus guaranteeing the best quality to our reseller partners.

We solve any problem

Principally our work is custom software development, therefore we can modify any system, be it WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix or actually a custom development. We can review it, provide adequate cyber protection, suggest improvements, integrate it with something, enable new features, or upgrade it.

WebOrigo dedicates a separate team or contact person to each process so we can get the job done most efficiently.

All our customers are equally important

It is important to note that we do not select from projects, representing a unique way in the market with this, i.e. there is no minimum order value for our partners. We don’t determine that we only deal with projects valuing millions. This is intentional. When it comes to a one-hour troubleshooting, our partner can feel free to entrust us, and we are happy to accept it, because for us, a partnership means that. We can delegate our employees and subcontractors to tasks in a way that they have the required time for both such little things and projects that last for years.

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