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About server hosting

Why is it advantageous to outsource the hosting of our server?

If you already have an existing server, then I am sure you know, that it is not enough to set it up once, and then just let it run, but it requires constant maintenance. The maintenance of hardware, downloading the updates, and many other tasks are required for hosting the server.

It is common, that our clients do not have enough manpower; they do not have time to get to know the server system that will be implemented. In this case, it is a good idea to outsource the hosting of the server; this way technicians can take responsibility for the optimal, problem-free operation of the servers, without having access to the internal data of the company.

Thereby, the company can deal with other things, and if any problem came up with the server we can immediately see it and solve it.

The advantages of hosting

Always accessible

In today’s market and economic environment it is a basic requirement to be able to quickly and safely reach information wherever and whenever we need them. The servers implemented and operated by our company reliably and stably serve your company's IT system every day of the year. Our servers can cater to the needs of all the users; meanwhile, it stores and provides immediate access to all the information on it.

Constant supervision

Our technicians constantly supervise and examine the server with the help of our monitoring system, so it always operates dependably and stably. We can quickly notice any problems and in most cases, we are able to quickly solve them, so your server can smoothly operate.

Maximum safety

Thanks to the newest technologies, the storage, and connection is completely safe, guaranteeing that no unauthorized person will have access to your company’s data. Moreover, constant firewall and virus protection is running on the servers, so your information is safe from any attack or virus.

No data loss

Simultaneously with the upload, we upload all the data used by the users – including company emails and the management system – to the server. This way all data is guaranteed to be preserved; moreover, the authorization levels will not change so everyone can reach the information that they are authorized for.

During the operation, the centralized data is saved daily, or even hourly, and we monitor the whole process so there is no chance for data loss.

Type of services


We use the internationally recognized monitoring system developed by Zabbix, for the monitoring of our servers and the software running on them. This system is able to monitor the storage and the hosting ’s power usage, the vulnerability of the software, and it sends a notice about the surfeit of the server. It saves the user data every minute, so we can gather information retroactively as well.


Scalable operation is extremely important for every company. We do not only build services for it, but we also provide a contractual guarantee. As part of our scalability service, servers are designed so every parameter is scalable to at least ten times its size. Even if you just need extra storage, computing capacity, just a few settings, and we can turn on the required larger resources.

Disaster Recovery - automated

With our automated backup service, we can provide backups every minute for the whole server, or parts of it. These can be restored in minutes, this way in case of data loss we can restore your system as quickly as possible. The backups are stored encrypted in a geographically different place protected from the consequences of any catastrophe or theft of data.

Disaster Recovery - manual

With our manual backup service, we provide a similar service as automated backup, but we do everything manually, on a separate hard drive reserved exclusively for our clients. We store this hard drive in a separate, locked safe. Manual backup is useful when it would be too costly to automatically save files every day in increments because the files are too big. Classic examples are videos and other multimedia files.

Dependecy upgrade

The software installed on the server must always receive the required security updates. As part of our service, among other things, we undertake, to monitor the arrival of the latest software version for each installed software and to manage and update them according to their priority.

Core system upgrade

We do not only provide dependency upgrades, but we update the server itself in case a new security update comes out, or a security gap is found.

Availability guarantee

The most important parameter for our service is the availability guarantee. Within a contractual framework, we provide availability 99.5%, 99.9%, or even 99.99% of the time. This means, that we schedule any outages for the periods with the least traffic.

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