News and Case Studies

On this tab, you can read about our previous orders and useful information in detail in the form of a case study.

For doctors: subscription visit with online card payment system

In 2019, WebOrigo developed its special monthly payment card system for medical practices. Thus, clinics and dentistries, or even pet clinics, can provide a membership system where their guests and patients can securely sign up for the monthly fee for the service, thereby enjoying convenience services that clinicians can, of course, determine for themselves. Some examples we've used before.

27th April 2020
Development of a reservation system

Unique booking system, automated from top to bottom - this is how we could characterize the Golf Simulator booking system, which we handed over for the Fashion Trend Center shopping center in Budaörs, Hungary. The system is actually an online application that allows club members (but even external guests - if they register in advance) to book an appointment, record their consumption, and evaluate the system.

5th March 2020
Industrial automation - Remote GSM control

In 2020, WebOrigo entered a new market in the field of industrial automation solutions. This was obvious because it allowed our company to expand its product portfolio, using the experience gained in developing cloud-based software solutions. Thus, overall, we can provide a higher value-added service as we specialized exclusively in software.

15th February 2020
DealBot - A smart bargain robot that can be built into a webshop

TEO, the bargaining stick of the NutriDeal webshop, has been completed. DealBot is a joint product of the NutriDeal webshop and WebOrigo, which is entirely our development. To be precise, we quote the online store.

15th January 2020
Introduction of a corporate governance system at NewDoggy

For the NewDoggy puppy selling website, we have been working on it since early 2019 to implement a web-based corporate managing system. In this corporate managing system, it is extremely important that the menu items work properly from phones as well. After all, if you need specific information during a meeting, you can find it immediately with only a search.

10th December 2019
InstaBot has started

InstaBot, WebOrigo's first self-developed marketing automation software, was launched entirely from its own in-house investment. "The first 100% domestically developed Instagram robot is ready! What does this mean? The fact that the revoluonary marketing tool has become available in Hungary as well. (...)"

22nd February 2019
Browser-based graphical remote access with letlinkme

We have successfully handed over our service, which allows you to establish a real-time, browser-based connection between a virtual, Debian-based computers. All this through an encrypted channel and completely for free. This project is designed to support the Stop-Loss Manager cryptocurrency trading system, but is independently available as a separate, proprietary product

18th August 2018
Stop-Loss Manager in Hungarian Times

An article about the Stop-Loss Manager cryptocurrency trading system developed by WebOrigo was published in the printed version of Magyar Idők (Magyar Nemzet) and in the online edition of the daily newspaper.

21st June 2018
We handed over the Country-City game

“Creating is a good thing. Seeing a project created from scratch is awesome! I think we have now made the internet an even better place with this website! I wish a long life, many users to the website! ” - we posted on our Facebook page when WebOrigo released the Country City game to the general public.

4th July 2017
BuszGuru - creation of an online bus booking platform

WebOrigo has reached an important milestone: the BuszGuru system has been successfully handed over, which can revolutionize the organization of bus trips. The system benefits both bus tenants and bus companies. Its operation is simple, but all the more revolutionary: the bus companies make an offer to the organizers by bidding under each other, so it is certain that the bus renter will receive the best offer.

1st February 2017