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Development of document management systems

DMS – Document Management System

What is DMS?

Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is a software used to store, manage, and track electronic copies of individual electronic documents and scanned paper-based information. The system manages and stores these documents on its own server, in an encrypted form.

For what does DMS used for?

Thanks to document management we can access the required information directly that are stored in a central location, moreover, it allows multiple users to access the same up-to-date documents at the same time. Besides, it eliminates the need for physical storage, which reduces costs and time spent searching through filing cabinets.

Why the development of Document Management Systems is important?

Customer management

A CRM organizes all the data related to customer relationships in one place, ensuring that all data is available to our entire team from anywhere, anytime and from any device. The data can be imported from various sources, so we have the opportunity to connect the system with our e-mail clients or phones, and even the data of those leads who come from a website / newsletter campaign can be processed in it. 

Using a Customer Relationship Management system, we can easily keep track of what communication has taken place with the customer so far and what tasks we still need to complete. This can be viewed in a timeline display, which makes it clear who is responsible for which task and also makes it easier to hand over tasks (for example, when one of our team members is on leave).

In addition, we get notified of every task, so we definitely won’t forget about a customer or task, and we won’t get delayed with communication either.

Case study, example

We introduced a document filing system for a company that sells dogs. Previously, filing documents wasn’t an available solution to them, as they had to handle special air waybills. Thus, we have developed a unique system for them that is able to distinguish between different types of waybills and, by managing the processes properly, indicates which type of document is still missing for which project.

Functions of Document Management Systems

The use of document management systems significantly simplifies and speeds up the bulk management of documents, which takes place on a private server and is completely secure, as we ensure the protection of data by applying the most advanced encryption technologies.

It is important that a well-functioning DMS is not something that was already done before, but a completely unique, customized application, as it is extremely important to fully serve the specific needs and functions of a company.

Managing custom mass documents

The Document Management System allows us to keep a transparent and flexible record of our files. Paper-based materials can be recorded in the DMS digitally straightaway, and digital materials can be transferred to our system from almost any platform so that everything can be stored in one manageable location. By unique and bulk filing, we can automatically record them in our database, where we can find them later anytime, anywhere and from any device in a matter of seconds using the search function or different filters.

The lifecycle of documents becomes fully traceable: we always get accurate, up-to-date information about the status of the document, who it has been at, whether it has been modified and which is the latest version. 

Using DMS, we also have the ability to track tasks. We can assign scheduled tasks to our colleagues, about that they will be automatically notified thus no one will miss any of their obligations.


It is not necessary to bother with the transmission of data, as thanks to the remote access we can access the database of our documents through the password-protected interface from anywhere. We can give our employees different rights, so that each person has access only to the relevant functions and data. Activities in the system are recorded in an unchangeable event log where you can see exactly who did what and when.

Management of special documents

In many cases, we also need to be able to store and manage special documents (for example, an airport dog transport record, as can be found in the case study), so it is extremely important that the DMS is individual, tailored to our company's needs, so that documents with specific parameters can be handled. 


Thanks to modern technology, services are now available that allow paper-based text to be mass-converted and scanned into electronic text. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a service that allows you to read text from a scanned document and make it processable and organizable. 

For example, by scanning a paper-based invoice, we can find out its exact total amount without human intervention. OCR can thus be a forward-thinking addition to Document Management Systems.

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