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About websites

To have presence on the internet is essential

Today, it is no longer possible to run a business without a web presence. Customers search all the information on the internet, whether it is about a product, service, address or opening hours. Even with the simplest, but well-designed website, you can gain an advantage in your business. Websites have had a particularly important role lately, and their importance and relevance is felt by everyone, so there is no question that a web presence is essential for any company.

Our company’s professional team is at your service to do the development of websites and portals, which will be arranged in cooperation with you to make sure it fully meets your needs. 

What are the benefits of a website?

Web appearance has several positive implications that help a company grow. We can reach larger groups of people by a website than using offline channels. With a high-quality, user-friendly website, we can keep up with the competition, and thus the prestige and reliability of our company can be greatly increased. In addition, we do not run into geographic limitations, so with the right search engine optimization, we can reach a lot of people. Due to the fact that the website is always available on the World Wide Web, the number of potential customers can be significantly higher. We can share almost any and all kind of information that we can easily modify, so the users can be up-to-date about our company all the time.

Custom website development

Nowadays, we run into a lot of free web development applications and cheap templates, and although we may find the “cost-effective” solution attractive at first, it unfortunately has a lot of downsides. A free website has no specificity, so we will not have a chance to stand out from the competition: first of all we do not have our own domain, so there is not a chance to use a specific name, and on the other hand we can only choose from pre-set styles, which often does not meet our company's needs and image. There are a lot of unnecessary and unchangeable codes, which make the page loading slow, thus it leads to user dissatisfaction. The secureness of these systems are also a huge problem, since these open source systems are easy to crack, and unauthorized people can quickly access our confidential data. In addition, search engine optimization is more difficult, so we can reach far fewer users and lose many potential customers.

On the other hand, individual websites are always able to do exactly what they need. They can be developed and fully customized at any time and in any way to suit your needs, so you can implement specific images and features. In this way you can set up a well-functioning, user-friendly system that people enjoy browsing, so it is guaranteed that the number of potential customers will also show an increasing trend. In addition, individual web pages have a secure source code that incorporates the latest techniques for the proper processing and storage of data, making it accessible only to authorized users.

Why should I choose WebOrigo?

If you want to turn your ideas into real projects, our team can greatly contribute to it. We develop websites in various topics by using the latest technologies. We can ensure you by a user-centric design, that the completed website will be likeable, easy to use, and it will make a positive, customer-centric impression of your business.

You have the opportunity to follow the entire development process, so you can always be up-to-date on our common projects and expand them at any time if you have a new idea. In addition, thanks to our many years of experience, it is guaranteed that we can help the success of the website with various suggestions.

The stages of website development



In each case, our expert team prepares a design documentation that summarizes the needs and functionality of your website.


Making a wireframe

After the plans are completed, we will make a wireframe, that will contain the exact frame of the pages that will be created. We will also create a sitemap so it will be already visible what pages the website will consist of and how the pages will be linked.


Creating webdesign

Once the wireframe is complete, our graphics team will create a visual design for the website. The visual web design will be exactly what we implement during the development.


Frontend development

After we have completed the visual web design, we will implement the static framework of the website, as known as ’Front End’. It is already a clickable frame but it does not have features yet. In this frame we will connect the functions.


Backend development

Once the frontend is complete and the appearance and position of the animations, buttons, visual elements are accepted, the next step is to connect the features such as forms or dynamic content.


Testing, delivery

Finally, the website undergoes developer and then customer tests. If these are successful and the faults have been corrected, the website will be handed over to the customer and the operating or warranty period will begin.

The technology

Responsive development

Nowadays it is also essential that our website can be displayed in an optimal form on all devices – such as a phone, a tablet or a computer - and it need to be easy to read and easy to navigate. During the responsive development, we use some kind of flexible elements, which can help us to create user-friendly, perfectly transparent and functional portals.

Our company can help you not only in the development, but also to plan the vision / design, in order to make your website attractive and easy to read from any devices.

In what programming languages are the websites made?

For developing the FrontEnd of the applications we use the latest methods such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vue, depending on the complexity of the project.

For developing BackEnd most of the time we use PHP, but several projects of us have been already developed in many other languages. We can mention for example Node.js or Laravel. Of the database servers, both MySQL and mongoDB are popular among our projects.

We have developed several times specifically for the Cloud platform, when load capacity was the top priority.

Applied technologies


In the recent years we've been a part of the development team for more than 200 websites be it a small company website or a multinational company portal. We've successfully developed landing pages, promotional websites, webshops and other web solutions.

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