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About Website operation

Did it ever happen to you that your website suddenly stopped functioning? Possibly you suddenly needed an update or wanted to modify something? If the answer is yes, then we can help; among our extensive services we take on the operation and continuous surveillance of websites, web stores, and online systems.

Nowadays, the effective operation of a website, its continuous maintenance, and the maximization of performance requires professional technical expertise due to the complexity of the websites. The daily tasks, continuous performance measurement, content upload, and building related marketing is a huge task, and without specialists it is not at all efficient. However, you have the opportunity to partly or completely outsource these tasks, guaranteeing a more efficient and cost-effective way to operate your website.

Cloud space and personal e-mail address


Nowadays, the constant accessibility of a website is a basic requirement. Therefore, just like in the field of system operations, we guarantee that our professionals will be at your service at all times, and they will immediately start working if problems occur, and fix them as soon as possible. As a result, if a problem occurs, you do not have to shut down your website for days and you will not lose income due to time loss.

Bug fixing

In case of bugs, you do not have to waste your time finding them; we will correct, fix any problems that come up. Leave the operation of your website to us, we work with secure systems, so we can guarantee the safety of your website. We guarantee continuous operation; in case of bugs, we will immediately avert them, and our experienced specialists will be at your disposal in the event of any disruption.

Content management

Having a nice, user-friendly website is not enough if it does not have constantly updated content. Our team can help you not only to upload content, but also to write and edit it on an ongoing basis.  Through our sub-contractors, we can translate the content to numerous languages, upload and post  them on social media platforms as well. If necessary, we can even develop an automatic content sharing system.

Continuous update

Having a nice, user-friendly website is not enough if your server system is not constantly updated. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, or custom development, updates are released by service providers and software developers to keep your website can operate free of any vulnerabilities or weak spots. These updates need to be uploaded in time because they guarantee the proper operation of the website. If the updates are not completed we can easily become the target of an attack, where failure to update may even result in legal liability.


The analytical tools used today can process  a lot of data about users and their activities, providing opportunities for measurement and systemization. However, it is important to know that the use of this software often requires serious expertise, experience, and even programming knowledge. WebOrigo employees have the knowledge they need to process statistics and information and provide up-to-date information, making it easier for you to make strategic decisions, thus leading to more efficient business management.


We define the goals and the tools to be used, then we review the achieved results and set goals in intervals or in a continuous daily relationship. This allows us to see how the page is performing, and in the event of low traffic, poor conversions, or possibly poor performance, we have the opportunity to correct the error. You don't have to worry, our experts make sure that your website runs smoothly and problem-free every day of the year.

Predictable costs

Operations can be planned in advance and operating costs can be controlled, so there is no need to have a highly trained system administrator in your own staff, this solution is less expensive - and last but not least, makes administration easier.

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