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Company history

As a result of the several changes and transformations in recent years the formation of today’s WebOrigo Group has been evolved.


The Channel42 Bt is formed for computer music editing and web content development


The Company changes its name and continues its activity as Vainamoinen Multimedia Bt


Change of ownership, during which the new name of the Company will be VM25 Bt


A new brand name: WebOrigo

2020 Jan

Reorganization of the corporate and ownership structure, as a result of this action WebOrigo Eesti OÜ is created


WebOrigo Magyarország Zrt. was established

2020 Sep
2021 Apr

WebOrigo UK LLP is formed in order to increase the company’s export activity


WebOrigo Montenegro D.O.O. was founded to enhance our presence at the sunny European Balkans.

2022 Feb

Our story began in the previous millennium, with a completely different ownership structure and field of activities. Due to the several changes of ownership and activities, today’s WebOrigo that proposes to be a dominant market player for cloud-based software development companies, has been operating since 2015.