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Small Businesses

We help small businesses grow and enter the market with our modern and cost-effective solutions. 

Small businesses

Do you want to boost the turnover of your business? We are sure that automation is the solution.

As the market leader in Hungary, WebOrigo provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises, giving your company a significant market advantage over the competition using more outdated technologies. We provide solutions that are accessible even for small businesses and that can take you to the next level in an affordable way, whether it's a one-man or multiperson business.

Our Services for Small Businesses

We provide a comprehensive service when it comes to website and webshop development. Our unique developments are durable and meet the latest security requirements, yet are available at an affordable price, both on a monthly fee and a single payment basis.

Website development

We provide our customers with a unique web appearance whether they want to create something new or renovate their existing website. Our services are available from the smallest landing pages to the development of complex platforms. Our previous works include websites ranging from simple sales landing pages to a corporate portal with millions of visits.

If required, we also provide custom brand design as well as process planning and consulting for the design of the website. These extra services always depend on the customer's needs.
If you are unsure what to choose, book an appointment for a free 15-minute consultation.

Webshop development

You can already sell with a simple one-page website that has a form, but there is no doubt that the advent of online stores made the ordering process much smoother. We have been developing our webshop system since 2015. During this time we have delivered or operated more than 100 webshops to our customers.

We try to pass on our experience not only in the field of development but also in operation to our customers. Be it a webshop upgrade or a service of operation and maintenance on a monthly fee basis.

We also offer discounted product upload and content upload services through our subcontractors.

Sales and marketing

A good website is not enough for you to have good traffic. The establishment of sales channels and marketing are essential. Whether it's ads management, marketing automation, or customer acquisition, we proudly recommend our systems or, if required, our subcontractors to organize your sales and monitor your campaigns.

Implementing new ideas

New ideas can pop out of anyone’s head. If you aspire to move to a completely new field with your company or on your own, you can count on us as a partner. You can count on us even with your most complex application development idea. We help our customers with a predictable payment schedule and plans for them to see the steps accurately, even if they are not experienced software developers or project managers.

We can also help you develop and design your new idea through our consulting services, which can be used already for as little as one hour.

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