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The digital transformation of institutions is crucial, we are committed to facilitating this process.

Through our professional services, we provide solutions to IT problems both for municipalities and institutions.

We offer our complex services to institutions from strategic consulting and planning to system development. We know how important a stable and pre-planned payment schedule is in the case of institutions, so we provide predictable costs and also make hourly-fee based contracts.

Structure of our projects


Needs assessment and consulting

As a first step, we build a concept together with our customers for which they can request a quote later. Over the course of the past years, we have found that it’s not possible to bid responsibly for larger systems without a proper needs assessment. So as a first step, we always recommend our design service. The result of this is a document describing the demand in all respects, which you can use to request a quote from multiple suppliers, as well as it can form the annex of a public procurement invitation ...

Planning is of paramount importance because if the bidder(s) do not bid on exactly the same development, the prices given will not refer to the same and will not be comparable. In such a case, when no system design is done, extra costs often appear during the development, which on the one hand significantly increase the investment and on the other hand change the deadline of implementation.



Our quotes are itemized in all cases. We provide indicative and binding bids, which in each case include the deadline for delivery, the financial schedule, and the validity period of the quote.


Implementation of the development

It is possible to cooperate based on a framework contract in case of continuous orders. This is relevant when it would not make sense to bid on everything because there are too many small items, and the approval process would be more cumbersome and longer than the time spent on the work itself. A typical example of this is our continuous operation and debugging service.

During the implementation we guarantee that our customers will not incur any extra costs in our responsibly designed systems.


Development reserve

We provide a solution to the extra needs that arise during the development process by the reserve amount specified in the development contracts. In the case of all bigger projects and investments, the customer invents new implementation possibilities and functions, that can result in an even better end product than the originally planned one. To make this easy to implement, the reserve amount provides an appropriate legal solution.



Scheduled and on-time delivery is important to us. Prior to delivery, our systems are developed in a private environment, so users will only see the live system without any errors. At the same time, we constantly provide opportunities to view certain phases of the system in a developer version.


Life cycle management, operation

You can count on WebOrigo for both continuous improvement and operation. With the help of the former service, you can get a software that matches the trends constantly, and with the latter, you can be sure that continuous backups are made, with immediate availability. Furthermore, in case of operation, we constantly update the necessary components of the software, so we supply it with protection.

Our completed projects

We have already carried out custom development projects for several institutions, be it a municipality or other state-owned company, non-governmental organization or scientific research institute. We have already created a reservation management system for the handling of municipal sports facilities, as well as a QR code based monument protection system.

Our recommended services for institutions