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Graphic design

Web brand design

Considering the fact that how quick the number of websites and web applications are increasing, of course, the field of web design has also grown into a rapidly growing and extremely important field. Just think about it: do we like to browse a website with an impenetrable and boring surface, or are we looking for a simple but still a great alternative instead? In most cases, the first impression of our website can be relevant, so if the user can not see through it, they will probably close it and they will not use the features either.

Fortunately, we have plenty of graphical tools at our disposal, of which Figma takes a very prominent place. But why is it so special? The web design tool available from this web interface, in addition to being user-friendly and easy to use, it helps designers work with quite a few varied features.

We design your web image in the Figma system, so you get a modern, clear visual design that can be viewed anywhere. Forget the unopenable formats sent by the graphic specialists, since you do not have to download anything for Figma, you can view the visual design using only a browser.

Logo design

Our other popular service that is essential for any companies is logo design. Everyone needs a logo, a brand, as this will identify the business. A logo defines the company, it is memorable, and helps build the brand.

Our graphic specialists place great emphasis on logo design during designing the image; since the image will be determined primarily by the logo.

Other graphic services

Undoubtedly, our most popular services are logo and image design, but there are also a number of other graphic services available:

Business card design

Flyer design

Banner making

Press works

Corporate identity book

Design of document samples

Video editing

Icon design


Execution of graphic works


Kick-off meeting

First of all, our project manager or graphic colleague will discuss your needs with you on a meeting. After that the work can be started.


Graphic design

During the preparation of the plans, you will constantly receive visual plans, instructions, versions, which you can review. Reviews will be included and further versions will be sent to you.



Once the final version is accepted, we will send the vector and fixed size resolutions in multiple formats so the usage of the material will be convenient even for printers and internal users too.

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