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Strategic consulting

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From a start-up to an existing business, it can be a question which systems you really need, which ones will fully meet your needs and help your business grow.

In this case we offer the strategic consulting, during which we explain and discuss which services we provide is most optimal for you. The main virtues of our company are flexibility, reliability, authenticity and personalized solutions. If you need professional service and assistance, feel free to contact us.

In what fields can we help you?

Whether it is a plan for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), LMS (Learning Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), DMS (Document Management System), or RMS (Reservation Management System), our company is at your service with several years of experience.

If you have any questions after reading the previous documentation, or you are not sure which system your company needs, our business advisory team will be at your service to plan the next step.

The stages of consultancy


Strategic Analysis

In this section, we will identify the issues and verify whether are they in accordance with the business strategy. Afterwards, within a comprehensive situation analysis, we examine the company's previous targets, their fulfillment, and the current situation. This step is a great starting point in order to find the perfect development area for your business.


Vision, mission, goals

In this section, we define the IT mission and vision, and the strategic goals, so we can get a comprehensive overview of the targets we would like to reach.

Mission: A mission that the company wants to accomplish in the future.

Vision: It captures the required future condition that has been set by the company.


Investigation of the IT “business model”

We review the previously developed “business” model, which provides a framework for the development of each IT segment. If w eget acquainted the model it will be easier to uncover its flaws and find the areas to focus on.


Strategic map

We create the strategic map, which clearly shows the correlations of each target: Business goal - IT strategic goal, and Application infrastructure - Organization relationships.


Detailed action plan

The final stage of the consultation is the development of a strategic action plan based on the previously defined premises. We deduce detailed actions from the strategic goals, and the implementation of these can result in a great improvement. The action plan includes the development of the system that is most optimal and suits best to your business needs, so you will know in what direction should you proceed.

If it is required, we can provide you an exact cost plan at the end of the section so you can verify the expenses of each system if they are implemented.

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