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ICO landing page design and development

ICO landing page design and development

3 months
Figma, Vue.js, Laravel
3 co-workers involved
UI&UX design, Development, Consulting

When developing and advising on the ICO landing page for EuroVaultX, our main goal was to create an innovative and modern platform that would help the company to successfully launch its ICO campaign. The project involved full design, development and smart contract review, and we focused on delivering EuroVaultX's vision.

Throughout the design process, our main focus was to ensure that EuroVaultX's unique vision and needs were properly represented. Our aim was to create a stunning, modern and dynamic design concept that would attract visitors and capture their attention. The incorporation of animations and other interactive elements helped to make the site not only informative but also engaging. (The design created for the project can be found between the best website designs on DesignRush's best designs page.)

Using the Vue.js framework allowed us to create an interactive and responsive user interface. During the development of the site, we worked carefully with the EuroVaultX team to ensure the site's functionality and performance was as efficient as possible. The site uses the latest technologies to ensure security and smooth operation. As part of the development process, the site has been repeatedly tested and optimised to ensure the best possible user experience.

The whitepaper is a critical element for the success of the ICO campaign. In the case of EuroVaultX, we helped them to review and complete it to help them find the right investors in the future.

We are confident that our work together will contribute significantly to the success of EuroVaultX's ICO campaign. Our collaboration with EuroVaultX will further strengthen the success of the project and enable them to deliver real value to the cryptocurrency community using state-of-the-art technologies. EuroVaultX's ICO landing page is a project that has become a symbol of innovation and quality and we are proud to have been part of it.

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