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MarkMyProfessor logo design and new website development

MarkMyProfessor logo design and new website development

1 year
React, Next.JS, Laravel
5 co-workers involved
logo and identity, UI and UX design, development
Preview live is a website that has been up and running since 2009 with the aim of providing a platform for university students to evaluate their teachers and their university. The site has 31 000 active registered users and more than 374 000 reviews.

The project involved working closely with the owners to develop the new look of the website. The project started with the development of a new logo and identity, with the aim of retaining the MarkMyProfessor's previous identity, while creating a more youthful, cleaner look. Using the original blue colour and stars, the new logo stays true to the familiar and well-known look. During the design and functional planning, we reviewed and optimised the current functionality and user journeys to create a user-friendly, easy-to-use site, while retaining the important features currently used by many, such as of course teacher and school ratings, adding, registration and toplists.

The new design has been developed with the target audience of the website in mind and the new, youthful look has been adapted accordingly. During development, the current website was completely rewritten using React-based Next.JS and Laravel frameworks.

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