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IoT - Golf simulator booking system development

IoT - Golf simulator booking system development

4 months
2 co-workers involved
design, web development

The Golf Simulator is located in a shopping centre near Budapest. Our client's vision for 2019 was to create an automatic, remote-controlled golf simulator that could operate without human intervention. The simulator room helps golfers to indulge their passion even when the weather is rainy or cold.

The challenge for this project was to create a room that works without human intervention, with a buffet, WiFi and everything, but without the need for supervision. This was achieved with an automatic, remotely controlled locking mechanism: players (who are members of the system) can book the room for any time they want in the app, and when they arrive, they can control the opening and closing of the door from the app.

The cafeteria operates on an honor system, with consumption recorded in the app and verified by the operator during cleaning. The automatic room has been a great success with golfers and is almost always full during the winter.

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