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Development of JobRecord job search portal

Development of JobRecord job search portal

14 months
Figma, Photoshop, React, .NET
7 co-workers involved
branding, application development
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For the JobRecord job search portal, we have designed a website that is able to provide an outstanding service both as a job advertiser and as a job seeker.

A future job is a crucial point in life and the design of JobRecord reflects this. We have designed a separate interface for job seekers and advertisers within the site, making it easier to navigate and clearly indicating to users the content that is relevant to them. As a job portal, it was of course important to ensure that the site and future content was properly optimised for SEO. At the same time, the focus was on the design of future advertisements and CVs, as these are the core content of the site, and the placement of attention-grabbing CTA buttons to direct users to them. It was important that the recruitment interface was also appropriate for company branding purposes, reflecting the team, the company ethos, extras and references, and that the self-branding opportunities for candidates revealed the uniqueness of the employee. 

The JobRecord website design was created using Figma and Photoshop. The user interface is primarily based on the .NET platform, as it can be easily reused in future developments in environments such as iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Docker. Additionally, React at the front end provides a complex yet maintainable interface.

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