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DiBook e-book webshop development

DiBook e-book webshop development

ongoing maintenance
Laravel (PHP), React, Docker
5 co-workers involved
audit, design, web development
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We developed a webshop for DiBook to sell e-books.

In redesigning the site's layout and design, the main focus was on accessibility, user-friendliness and the implementation of modern marketing strategies such as action monitoring, loyalty programme, bundled shopping and recommendations tailored to the individual preferences of customers. As DiBook is exclusively dedicated to the sale of electronic and audio books, and not to tangible copies, the webshop is the only and main sales centre. Accordingly, search engine optimisation on the site has been a key focus, helping to increase organic traffic

To retain customers, we have developed our own email templates, which the integrated Klaviyo system helps to deliver accurately and correctly to users. 

To implement DiBook, we used the Laravel (PHP) and Docker frameworks.

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