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BTCINS cryptocurrency exchange development

BTCINS cryptocurrency exchange development

13 months
Vue.js, Typescript, Laravel (PHP), MQL5
7 co-workers involved
design, development

Between 2019-2020, we developed a custom cryptocurrency trading platform for a startup company with 7 colleagues. The platform was used to automatically create trading strategies and test these strategies on retrospective data.

Our client, a start-up company registered in Estonia and the Emirates, has created its own cryptocurrency exchange in partnership with us. We developed a complete exchange with a liquidity API service, with internal API development capabilities. We built the next service the startup provided on top of the resulting Laravel exchange, a platform for developing trading algrotrims and robots. This platform was designed to provide the logic of the well-known MetaTrader in a web environment with an intuitive layout: users can use the service to follow other traders, view their previous results to choose the best one, and create their own trading robots. When creating trading robots, we have also made it possible to test them on historical data.

To do all this, we have incorporated the Tensorflow AI algorithm into our Typescript algrotimus, i.e. we have used machine learning to model each trading system.

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