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Lazy Felix browser add-on development

Lazy Felix browser add-on development

1 year
Laravel (PHP), JavaScript, Vue.js
3 co-workers involved
design, prototype development (MVP)
Preview live

The Lazy Felix Google Chrome extension is designed to make it easier to manage images and files on the web. The goal was to create a user-centric extension that avoids the need to download files to your device for later upload, which not only eliminates a common problem, but also eliminates the proliferation of such "temporary" files among downloads. 

The add-on recognises media items and files on the website, which can be dragged and dropped or clicked and immediately saved for later use, without saving or downloading to your device. The added files can be easily organized and used in any browser window, including platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Discord, GitHub, Reddit, Pinterest, Dribble, or Behance.

In addition, a website for Lazy Felix has been developed to help ensure the authenticity, user-friendliness and transparency of the plugin, including a short tutorial on the simple steps to use it. We have also integrated tracking codes, login and a Stripe-based subscription system into the website.

The Lazy Felix extension is based on JavaScript, while the corresponding website uses Vue.js and Laravel (PHP) technologies.

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