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Álomgyár online bookstore development

Álomgyár online bookstore development

ongoing maintenance
Laravel, React, NextJS
6 co-workers involved
web development
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We developed a webshop and stock management system for the Álomgyár bookstore network, bringing together their stores across the country. 

There are more than 17 Álomgyár bookstores in the country, and we have created a unified online presence for them. As we are dealing with a client who not only operates a webshop but also pays a lot of attention to their own book publishing, we put great emphasis on a user-friendly, search engine optimised design, as well as easy and intuitive navigation and transparency. In addition to books, we have provided the Álomgyár with the ability to display online magazines, implement a map store locator, print book delivery and package tracking.

The result of our varied, unique challenges and solutions is a comprehensive admin interface. In addition to the customized editing interface, the admin can access complex reports on the status of the website and inventory, related order and product management options, and quick and easy synchronization with external data providers' databases.

During development, we used Laravel (PHP), React and NextJS technologies, which not only allow for smooth integration of future modifications and enhancements, but also provide a stable foundation for the continuous and smooth operation of the site.

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