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BuszVadász bus route planner website development

BuszVadász bus route planner website development

6 months
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
2 co-workers involved
design, web design, web development, data uploading

We created the BuszVadász, a bus trip planning website in 2017 using HTML, CSS, PHP technologies. The website is mainly used by primary and secondary schools, educational institutions and old people's homes to organise their bus tour itineraries.

The platform works by including both bus service providers and users of bus rental services among its users. After paying a symbolic registration fee, the user can upload a new planned route and thus send a rental request to the service provider.  The system uses the integrated Google Maps API to automatically calculate the number of kilometres to be covered based on the addresses entered. Bus service providers can bid on the basis of location, duration and trip length to see which provider will take the trip for how much. Bidding is on a decreasing bid basis, i.e. the operator who makes the cheapest bid wins, from which the platform will charge a commission after the winning bid.

During development, we were responsible for the specification, web design, and post-development data upload and testing. During the development of the website, we also integrated automatic billing and automatic payment by credit card, which was relatively new in 2017.

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