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GDPR Friendly Hosting Service: What Makes a GDPR Compatible Hosting Provider?

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Before we talk about the GDPR friendly hosting service, let’s first clarify what exactly GDPR is, although probably almost everyone has heard of it. GDPR is something that is needed and bad. It’s the general data protection directive of the European Union, which is applied uniformly and compulsorily by all Member States. This Directive governs the rights of data controllers, processors, and data subjects. It also strongly protects individuals, protecting their data and rights in the first place. Everyone who handles personal data must comply with it, except for a few exceptions.

If we are operators, we are data controllers under the GDPR who use the service, and if we provide the platform as a service, we are the data processors. The data subjects are those whose data we process.

What makes a site GDPR friendly?

Let's start with the fact that the information about the handling of the data is transparent so that data subjects are informed exactly about the way their data will be handled. In addition, at the request of data subjects, the controller is obliged to delete, correct, or make available certain data.

Regarding the website, there is one cardinal point to be GDPR compliant: the privacy statement. It is important that the statement contains the following information:

  • how the website will handle user data

  • information on the use of data protection-critical components

  • information about the use of third party software and components

  • who is the data processor of the website (there can be more than one)

  • what data the website will handle

  • how long the website handles the data

  • what is the purpose of data controlling

  • how the data gets into the possession of the website

Also keep in mind that if you can sign up for a site and create an account, the cancelation of the account should be made possible as well.

It's important to try to avoid any privacy incidents you may have, so an SSL certificate described in one of our previously published articles, for example, maybe useful to prevent the personal data handled by you from being compromised by attackers. So a GDPR-friendly website provider has to meet several requirements, but those requirements can be met, especially if we strive to securely store and protect the data of individuals in a user-friendly and human manner.

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