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The potential of TikTok as a new platform

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Probably no one needs to be introduced to TikTok and the culture and cult around it. The worldwide spread of the application is linked to the year of 2018, and since then it has taken the lead among the available applications and is currently holding its leading position. The main idea of the app is the presence of short but almost unquantifiable videos that allow users to be generators and consumers of content at the same time.

What kind of opportunities lie in an application that is aimed primarily at the youth?


Basically, the chance of entertainment as a purpose of the application is to be neglected (especially during a pandemic situation). The more fun an app is marked the more downloads it can generate. TikTok has already a massive popularity, especially among “young people,” but it is starting to strongly attract the older age group as well. So the fact that it can engage and entertain the user for a long period of time (since it can be personalized) is a huge potential itself.


Although this platform is not the main source of information for the users, TikTok definitely serves the role of orientation among the news of the world. It’s also well-known that the crowd of users can pick up some of the more controversial news and support or oppose a particular issue. Thus it is important to note, that TikTok, as an application, is also a source of orientation, especially for users who do not prefer the written press.


Nowadays singers, dancers and artists appear massively, that are considered talented. Given this is a fact, it is also a fact that for the same reason it is difficult for such individuals to stand out from the crowd. For example, TikTok is perfect for this, because here anyone can show his or her area of  talent. If the person’s work is presented properly and with some luck it is picked up, they have a chance to break out of the "5-minute fame" and realize their desired career plans.

Advertisement, Advertisement, Advertisement…

Left as the last aspect is the strongest potential in the app: promotion. As advertisements appear in the application, this can have a strong influence on young users. Whether it's a restaurant, a café or the brand of any product or other service, displaying their ads on TikTok carries a great potential.

Overall, the platform and its inherent opportunities will attract individuals for now that download the app just for fun or to be able to successfully sell something, namely a product, a service, or maybe  themselves.

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