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Bulk SMS: 95% opening rate

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Despite the widespread use of applications that transmit audio and video, we still prefer to read and open text messages that are sent to us personally. Sending bulk SMS as a direct marketing communication is also useful for this reason, among other factors. 

The uniform price of text messages can be considered competitive, mainly because the method of sending bulk SMS has an opening rate of about 95%. As opposed to a voice call, a simple SMS is unlikely to embarrass the target person, and experience shows that a marketing contact based on another method (e.g., a voice call) is much more difficult to handle for the receiver than an SMS, for example. The information received in a text format is also retrievable and accurate.

Therefore, when sending a bulk SMS like that, we can say that you avoid being pushy and too personal, and that such a campaign can always be segmented to the right target group, thus avoiding the disapproval of those who are less interested. Another pro argument for bulk SMS campaigns is  that the documentation connected to the campaign can be retrieved and archived as a whole.

All in all, these seemingly personalized SMS messages have a high opening rate, and the sender can even see who “hasn’t received” the message. SMS as a text message has weight and we prefer to open it much more than picking up the phone or open our Messenger messages for instance, if we know beforehand that we will be facing a marketing campaign. In addition, since it is reserved, the recipients will not be surprised, scared, or embarrassed and it is much more likely that the message meets its goal not just reaches its recipient.

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