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Domain and server services

The most important feature of a domain name is, that it is easier to remember it. To create a website, we need a unique, not yet used domain name.

A good domain expresses the essence of the website, and it will remain memorable for the user, so they can easily return to our website and will be more likely to recommend it to their friends. To increase its effectiveness, it is important that we choose a name that is short, easy to remember, and relevant.

It matters what the name means, and it’s important that it is striking, short, and expressive. Choosing this depends on the business, as well as where you want to buy the domain name. In addition to graphic design and website / webstore development, our company also deals with domain and server sales, so you don't have to browse through numerous offers if you want to use a professional and comprehensive service.

Through our partners extensions to all countries on all continents are available, even those where a local representative is required to file a claim, or a local address is needed. In addition, we can help you register not only with country extensions but also with unique, so-called gTLDs.

2000+ domain extension available
1-3 days lead time
Country extensions
International extensions
Registration and legal administration
Domain consulting

Storage and unique email address

When you are purchasing a domain, you can also generate a unique email address for your company. While this may seem like a small thing, with an aesthetic corporate email address, we can increase users’ trust in our company by painting a more professional picture.

If you want to run a small webstore or website, it is probably enough to have storage space and you need a server solution. As with the choice of servers, we can also help with choosing storage space.

Fixed storage


Unlimited storage


E-mail address service


About servers

What does server mean?

If you are planning a website, portal, webstore with more visitors or an application, then storage space won’t be enough. For this we recommend our server hosting service.

Dedicated server

Our server park in Italy and the Czech Republic has the highest level of Rating 4, ISO: 27001, CISPE (Association of Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe) declared certification, and it is located in the server center of our partner, which is the leading Cloud provider in Europe, with 100% GDPR compliance. Many multinational companies and local government offices choose our server hosting, which ensures the highest available availability.

These servers and server parks are extremely reliable and can even withstand the vicissitudes of nature: they are statically, flawlessly designed, and their uninterrupted operation is ensured by their own diesel generators. Nothing proves this more than the fact that they survived the 2004 Czech hurricane and that they were able to smoothly provide data during the hurricane.

Our system administrators perform all the tasks, from the installation to the operation of the server; you don't have to do anything, just sit back, and entrust the harder part of the work to us. In addition to operating servers, we also undertake the operation of server parks, so the size of the project doesn’t matter; you can always count on us!


A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is nothing more than a virtual private server, but it can also be called a virtual dedicated server. In short, a VPS is a virtual machine that can be used as part of an internet hosting service.

The essence of virtual dedicated servers is that high-performance physical servers are shared by several smaller, stand-alone virtual servers with separate resources. They are equivalent to physical servers in many ways, but are easier to install and configure - because VPSs are software-based. Their use can be extremely beneficial because they are much more cost effective than physical dedicated servers, but it is important to note that since the hardware is divided into multiple virtual servers their performace might be lower compared to a dedicated server.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) means a virtual private network. Due to its name, we can assume that by using this network, we can ensure that our computer cannot be tracked.

If we use a virtual private network, our computer connects to a VPN server instead of your ISP (internet service provider) through a secure, encrypted connection. The VPN server then connects to the website you are looking for. There, the details of your visit are recorded in the usual way, but based on the IP address of the VPN server, not your own computer’s IP address. This makes it harder for unauthorized people to find our devices, and browsing can be much safer.

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