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Top 6 Webdesign Trends in 2022

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Webdesign follows the trends in society as well as in technology. The time we spend online is constantly increasing. Thus today’s websites need to be engaging, accessible, and easy to navigate. 

In 2022, WebOrigo’s design team is expecting an atmosphere of freedom in the field of webdesign. “Our task as webdesigners in 2022 is to be playful and question conventional boundaries. Infusing a human touch in the artificial reality of websites will make them stand out.” If you need some inspiration for your 2022 web development projects, keep on reading. 

1. Inclusive Design

Inclusive design means a graphic language of a brand that accommodates all genders, cultures, and viewpoints. Gender-neutral images and illustrations are starting to appear. Avatars and characters from the gaming world will show up on websites.  The inclusive design optimizes web-based products for the full spectrum of human needs. Instead of creating a single, one-size-fits-all solution, it's conscious of diversity.  


2. Storytelling 

Storytelling or “narrative visualization” means a sequence of visual elements. They appear in chronological order and convey a specific message to website visitors. The following are also characteristics of storytelling:
- images and texts appearing via various animations
- large close-ups
- large-scale typography
- dim-lit images, 
- soft and smooth transitions 
Such elements allow the website visitor to navigate in his or her own way. A rather personalized experience unfolds through this webdesign approach.


3. Typography - Bigger and Bolder 

When a website doesn’t have any images or graphics, typography becomes the visual focal point of the site. In those cases, the font choice is significant. It defines the tone for what visitors can expect from the website. It can be true that big and bold types make a longer-lasting impression.


4. Abstract illustrations

Illustrations come in handy when it's about challenging the predominant digital landscape. The conventional component of the latter is photography. Whereas exciting, organic textures add a handmade look and feel to the webdesign. Hand-drawn scribbles bring familiarity to the website. They offer webdesigners the opportunity to mix and match different mediums. Interesting and surprising results are expected to be born through this method. 


5. Defined Lines

Bold black lines are back into the game. Webdesigners are using them to delineate paragraphs, sections, and product galleries. This creates a more visual weight and taste. The dynamic grids that linework provides make the look and feel of the webpage unique. The website also gets a kind of physical feel through these lines. They make it almost like a newspaper or magazine


6. Horizontal Scrolling
Horizontal scrolling is all about surprising the user. The way to do that is by going against conventional and intuitive vertical navigation. Sideways navigation provides a fun and impressive interaction between texts and images. Thereby it creates a more memorable impression. There are special themes that make horizontal scrolling especially relevant and engaging. Examples: 
- browsing in online galleries or in other catalogs, 
- exploring a map
- understanding projects


In our article, we gave a taste of the dominant web design trends expected in 2022. All six of the styles presented can be an excellent foundation for a modern website or software. Essential is to place emphasis on the user experience (UX) when creating the website.

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