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DealBot - A smart dealbot that can be built into a webshop

Feltöltés dátuma:

TEO, the dealbot of the NutriDeal webshop is ready. The DealBot is a joint product of the NutriDeal webshop and WebOrigo, which is entirely our development. What is it exactly? The web store is quoted in our article.

“A Delbot is a representative of the large family of chatbots, that specializes in doing business, more specifically bargaining. Like most chatbots, the dealbot also allows users — that is, you — to have simple conversations with a certain computer program. Like with many other chatbots, the topic is given in case of the dealbot as well (so it's not worth sharing family issues with the dealbot, since TEO, although doing its best for the customers, is still not a psychologist…). In our case, this given subject is: the bargain.

The dealbots, and thus Teo, were created in order to negotiate with the users, ie with you, and by mutual concessions of the parties, after reconciling the conditions to reach an agreement (a negotiated price) which is acceptable to both our company and to you, the customers - isn't it great?

So before concluding the deal you have the opportunity to negotiate with the dealbot that represents the seller, and thus with Teo too, in order to come to an agreement about the price.”


A DealBot makes a myriad of options possible for the webshop owners, such as a minimum cart value, a welcome message, a purchase with or without required registration, and, of course, the graphical look and the ranges of the bargain. It is important to note that the aim of the DealBot is to fight for the highest possible price, thus rejecting those offering too low a price and it can even ban them from bargaining.

How did NutriDeal apply the welcome message during the integration of the DealBot? Firstly, they built their complete marketing material upon this, secondly, they personified the DealBot with a name (Teo) and a profile picture, which has been positioned to certain spots of the site as an eye-catcher.

“Hi, my name is Teo, as a broker of the Nutrideal webshop, my task is to agree on a favorable price for both of us, the buyer and the seller, during our written conversation in the chat window."

Here is the text which helps them in the bargaining process:

"Gather together at least 35EUR worth of goods into your shopping cart and try your luck with me! You don't have to do anything despite wathcing the chat window while you are piling up the goods in your shopping cart, and at the right time I'll appear to start making a deal with You!"


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