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Corporate Governance Solutions: Simple Automation Options Even for Small Businesses

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When thinking about the future of a long-established company, keep in mind that even a small change, a little automation, can work wonders for efficient operation. There are also opportunities for smaller companies to implement the first steps of automation.


An example is Zapier, one of the automation software. It helps improve efficiency by saving time and money. You can automatically save your attachments from Gmail to Google Drive, automatically post your blog posts to Twitter, or back up a file you save to OneDrive to Dropbox. With Zapier, we can incorporate even more automation like this into daily life.


IFTTT is similar to Zapier, offering almost the same, but the difference is that its free version is much better than Zapier. The downside is that you only have one account, so you can't use it with a team. The advantage of Zapier over IFTTT, on the other hand, is that you can set up multiple automation at the same time based on the same operation, while IFTTT is not able to do this at all.


Automating a marketing campaign can also be beneficial for a company. ActiveCampaign is more than a marketing automation platform. This serious business software combines marketing features with standardized enterprise CRM.


Businesses and content producers need to produce a great deal of material (e.g., a blog post). These are better made by the companies themselves and there are times when someone can write very creative texts, but it is full of typos. Grammarly is good for this, which can be added to the browser by default to check the correctness of our writings. But it examines not only spelling but also stylistics and the environment.

It is true that small businesses have fewer opportunities to solve automation, which is mainly due to financial barriers, but they also have these basic alternatives to start on the path of automation. Baby steps can make a business effective, but it takes time and work to do it.

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