We handed over the Country-City game

4th July 2017

We posted on our Facebook page when WebOrigo released the Country City game to the general public.

“Creating is a good thing. Seeing a project created from scratch is awesome! I think we have now made the internet an even better place with this website! I wish a long life, many users to the website!”

This web application is a next generation version of the classic paper game, Country City Boy Girl. As the slogan showed: old game reloaded!

We haven’t developed games before, that’s not our area either. However, this didn’t really require game developer knowledge, but the web technologies we’ve been using for years, like jQuery, PHP, or just HTML-CSS website template compilation. As with other projects, we were the general contractors here, ie we did not only the development, but also the production of graphic materials.

The game is available not only with traditional registration, but also with Facebook and Google login, so you can start a private room with one click and start earning points.