Stop-Loss Manager in Hungarian Times

21st June 2018

An article about the Stop-Loss Manager cryptocurrency trading system developed by WebOrigo was published in the printed version of Magyar Idők (Magyar Nemzet) and in the online edition of the daily newspaper.

“It can eliminate the risks arising from exchange rate fluctuations, but at least it is significantly mitigated by Hungarian-developed software in the trading of cryptocurrencies. The program, currently in beta, is now available on the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, Binance, and will soon be available on traditional trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency trading is in its heyday, with more and more people using online exchange platforms, and growing demand being served by cryptocurrency exchanges with vast resources. Although the high degree of exchange rate fluctuations of digital money is an excellent opportunity to make a profit, the risks are also significant and trading platforms do not provide full protection against fluctuations.

A solution to this problem is offered by a software developed entirely in Hungary, which enables the full and efficient use of the stop-loss function. (The stop-loss feature automatically closes the position at a selected exchange rate, even if the market price has already exceeded it.) - Most stock platforms, even if they have a stop-loss feature, do not have the option to trade in traditional currencies, so they are able to provide protection against exchange rate fluctuations - pointed out Gábor Pataki, the founder of Trade Innovation Kft., which develops the software.

Stop-Loss Manager pairs additional features with cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether they are supported by the platform, so you can secure earnings, repurchase sold positions, and protect capital. Merchants can use the software to track and manage their portfolio across multiple platforms.”