Browser-based graphical remote access with letlinkme

18th August 2018

We have successfully handed over our service, which allows you to establish a real-time, browser-based connection between a virtual, Debian-based computers. All this through an encrypted channel and completely for free.

This project is designed to support the Stop-Loss Manager cryptocurrency trading system, but is independently available as a separate, proprietary product.

What is good for? It allows you to manage a remote virtual machine in a graphical interface. It can be useful for those who want to easily manage a temporary computer with their own dedicated IP address. Similar services are used, for example, in the case of Forex VPS, as here too it is important for a computer to run 24 hours a day, and this should be achieved from time to time, which is fastest from a browser.

The software has been translated into several languages and is available free of charge on machines installed by WebOrigo. We plan to make it available to anyone in the form of an installation package so they can take advantage of on other machines.