Introduction of a corporate governance system at NewDoggy

10th December 2019

For the NewDoggy puppy selling website, we have been working on it since early 2019 to implement a web-based corporate managing system. In this corporate managing system, it is extremely important that the menu items work properly from phones as well. After all, if you need specific information during a meeting, you can find it immediately with only a search.

It is a large-scale, custom-developed system, as it had to include ERP features that are not included in any other ERP system currently available on the market for purchase or lease. The greatest advantage of WebOrigo is that it creates solutions, develops software that cannot be replaced by any template, and are currently unresolved issues. Or it’s simply such a small market that there’s no existing solution to it, as NewDoggy didn’t have, so they definitely had to resort to custom development.

When developing NewDoggy's ERP system, we made sure to minimize the administrative burden on our employees. We are externally connected to WordPress running under, so registered dogs are automatically transferred and deleted from the website.

In an ERP system, as here, it is also important to manage authorization levels, so it is important which section an employee has access to, which section he or she only has the right to view (ie. he cannot edit or modify, but someone else can the part that is completely invisible to him). In each case, these are developed jointly with the ordering company as part of a lengthy needs assessment, as we have done here.