InstaBot has started

22nd February 2019

InstaBot, WebOrigo's first self-developed marketing automation software, was launched entirely from its own in-house investment.

“The first 100% domestically developed Instagram robot is ready! What does this mean? The fact that the revoluonary marketing tool has become available in Hungary as well. We start with automatic liking, tracking, and many other cool features that take advantage of access from Instagram notifications. Set what you want. Would you like to reach your targeted market group by key members or area? Possible! We are launching a free trial period on February 22. At the same time, we plan to launch the system. ” -

What is InstaBot good for? It allows you to reach millions of people on Instagram with a filter that is fully automated. This is not only an effective but also a cost effective solution to promote social networking sites.

"Get more followers on your Instagram profile, build a community easily and quickly!" as read on the InstaBot title page.

What are its most important functions?
- Make a personal comment for each follower: it means that subscribers have the opportunity to create unique content
- Build an interested and important community for you effectively: social media already verbally implies that value comes from having as many members of the community as possible who are valuable to us
- Filter your target audience, target precisely: InstaBot gives you tools such as analyzing posts in more than 70 languages to help you

These are the most important principles along which InstaBot was created. Development began on December 2018, with the first open day held on February 22, 2019.

During the development of InstaBot, we made sure that all processes were automated as much as possible. There is a separate admin interface for reseller partners as well as our administrator staff. With the built-in card payment, the service can be used immediately and the system automatically creates a fee request as well as an electronic invoice.

It is sold through reseller partners who receive a unique system with their own logo so they can sell it to their customers as a unique, privately labelled product.