Industrial automation - Remote GSM control

15th February 2020

In 2020, WebOrigo entered a new market in the field of industrial automation solutions. This was obvious because it allowed our company to expand its product portfolio, using the experience gained in developing cloud-based software solutions. Thus, overall, we can provide a higher value-added service as we specialized exclusively in software.

Our projects mainly use GSM (ie. mobile communication, such as SMS or telephone call) and Internet-based solutions, which can be used for automatic door opening, locking control, or even the commissioning of a circuit with remote activation.

In the case of Ozone Air Kft., We were the first to use our GSM-based remote control hardware, which they were able to integrate into their own machine, thus enabling remote control, which saves a lot of working hours.

Ozone Air Kft. Deals with ozone air purification, serving residential and industrial customers. In the case of air cleaning in the milling industry, we were able to help by installing a remote control, thus saving the need of turning the machines on and off manually.

This year we will deal with further industrial automation developments, and our company is becoming increasingly stronger alongside the other three strategic areas. Here as well, we like to solve problems in which we can be pioneers.