For doctors: subscription visit with online card payment system

27th April 2020

In 2019, WebOrigo developed its special monthly payment card system for medical practices. Thus, clinics and dentistries, or even pet clinics, can provide a membership system where their guests and patients can securely sign up for the monthly fee for the service, thereby enjoying convenience services that clinicians can, of course, determine for themselves.

Some examples we've used before:
- Waiver of visitation fee in case of visit
- Immediate assistance outside of working hours
- Discount from list prices
- Possibility of free semi-annual inspection

The membership fee is deducted by credit card payment from the subscribing patients automatically every month, thus they only have to enter their card details once. This allows clinics to build a much longer-lasting relationship with their patient.

Our system is available for clinics at a fixed price or on a monthly payment basis, either through us or through WebOrigo reseller partners.