DealBot - A smart bargain robot that can be built into a webshop

15th January 2020

TEO, the bargaining stick of the NutriDeal webshop, has been completed. DealBot is a joint product of the NutriDeal webshop and WebOrigo, which is entirely our development. To be precise, we quote the online store:

“Delbot is a representative of a large family of chatbots specializing in business, more specifically bargaining. Like most chatbots, the bargaining robot allows users — that is you — to have simple conversations with a particular computer program. As with many other chatbots, the topic is given for the dealbot (so it's not worth doing the family laundry to the bargainer, Theo, although he does everything for his customers, he's not a psychologist…). In our case, this is the subject: bargaining.

The dealbots, and thus Theo, were created in order to reach a common agreement (a negotiated price) by negotiating with the users, ie. with you, by mutual concessions of the parties, after agreeing the terms, which is acceptable to both for our business and you, for the customer - isn’t it great?

So you have the opportunity to negotiate with the bargaining staff representing the seller, and thus with Theo, to agree on the price before concluding the deal.”


DealBot allows a myriad of settings for webshop owners, such as a minimum cart value, a welcome message, a purchase with or without registration, and, of course, the graphical look and bargain bars. It is important that the DealBot aims to get the highest possible price, thus rejecting those offering too low of a price and even banning them from bargaining.

How did NutriDeal use the welcome message during DealBot integration? Firstly, they built all their marketing material for this, and secondly, they personified DealBot with a name (Theo) and a profile picture, which was also eye-catching at some points on the site.

Hi, my name is Teó, as a broker of the Nutrideal webshop, my task is to agree on a favorable price for both of us, the buyer and the seller, during the written conversation in the chat window.

The warning text that calls the customer to bargain:

“Select a minimum item worth 12,000 HUF in your cart and give it a try! All you have to do is pay attention to the chat window when sorting the products into the cart, where I will log in at the right moment and start the business!”