BuszGuru - creation of an online bus booking platform

1st February 2017

WebOrigo has reached an important milestone: the BuszGuru system has been successfully handed over, which can revolutionize the organization of bus trips. The system benefits both bus tenants and bus companies. Its operation is simple, but all the more revolutionary: the bus companies make an offer to the organizers by bidding under each other, so it is certain that the bus renter will receive the best offer.

The system not only favors bus companies, but also provides hotels with an opportunity for tourists to choose from. The development started in 2016, we used Google Maps programmable map technology. This was necessary as bus tenants had to be billed on a per kilometer basis at the request of the customer.

The graphic design, both frontend and backend of the entire system was done by WebOrigo, along with the design of the logo. Automatic invoicing and Barion-based credit card payment have also been built in. Furthermore, our company also done the system of sending out the informative e-mail materials.